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Voltage Regulation Solutions. Delivered.

We Solve:

Incoming utility power sags & interruptions

Small cycle interruptions of process controls

Extended power interruption

Manufacturing power quality issues derived from inside plant

Our Services

We have solutions for power quality issues.



Every type of voltage fluctuation affects your operating equipment and controls. The voltage and current are never perfect and constant unless you have a correction device installed.



Many utility customers experience both voltage sags and also occasional short term loss of power. These momentary outages or short term loss of power may occur if utility reclosers operate in order to try to isolate faults on the line and to protect the balance of the utility network.


Power Analysis Solutions

Assessing electrical environments in a facility requires monitoring equipment. This is non-invasive equipment that can be set up at the service entrance or throughout the facility at the load centers.


Active Voltage Correction

Voltage and current are constantly changing in distribution systems. Your drives, boards and controls are constantly bombarded with voltage and amperage sags and surges.


Power Factor Correction

Inductive motor loads in a facility have the largest affect on Power Factor. Many manufacturing and processing facilities across industries have a Power Factor issue.

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Industries we serve

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Sizing Solutions – Cost / Benefit Analysis – Executing Solution

Contact an ICP consultant today to discuss power correction options for your facility. Leasing options available that match cost of owning one to one with cost/efficiency savings.
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