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sags are costly

Many facilities do not quantify the cost of sags or surges in a facility.

Mostly written off as “downtime”, or “re-start” procedure, these issues cause real production deficits. The effects that fluctuating voltages have on components in the long term create parts replacement, higher maintenance cost, and the exposure to downtime and restart situations.

Internal surges occur from the day-to-day operation of many devices within the facility.

Those devices include:

  • Variable speed drives
  • Generators
  • Air conditioners
  • Electric motors
  • Elevators
  • Other electrical equipment.
  • Power surges also result from internal circuit breakers and fuses from within the equipment or at the electrical panel.

The need for industrial surge protection

Today’s industrial and professional equipment is dependent upon microprocessors and other sensitive electronic equipment, increasing the world’s need for greater protection from Power Sags and Surges.

Microprocessors, programmable logic controls (PLCs) and other electronic circuitry that is used to automate industrial machine programming, tool changes, motor speed and other processes within sophisticated manufacturing systems is especially vulnerable. At industrial sites, power surges wreak havoc on equipment, causing catastrophic failures, interrupting processes and causing equipment to prematurely age, leading to failure.

In addition to externally generated surge events, such as lightning and grid switching, industrial equipment is also susceptible to damage by internally generated surges. The offending surges can be utility-generated overvoltage events, or power fluctuations created by machinery operating in adjacent areas of the plant. All will have the same adverse effect on both the machinery and shop productivity. Internally-generated surges reinforce the necessity for facility-wide surge protection applied at all stages of the electrical distribution system, from the electrical service entrance down to the single-phase loads.

Have an ICP site survey done to survey your facility and install a power metering device.

When you install equipment that will correct power and hold voltage within your facility, you will be providing your facility with protection against all outside influences of power. Halting wear and tear on other equipment in the facility by having stable voltage and power factor is the goal. The long term positives are lowered operations and maintenance costs by limiting voltage and amperage anomalies inside the facility. It is common to vet these issues by installing a monitoring device at the service entrance of the facility utility power. This is a low-cost method to really understand these issues and to make a proper diagnosis.

We are available to review electrical one-lines, Power Reports, Demand Usage, and any other data on your facility power.

Call your ICP Technical Representative today to discuss options to increase efficiency in your facility and correct our facility power issues!

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