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Why a Transformer based ups system?

Manufacturing, Process, Robotics, and inductive loads.

A transformer-based ups system provides an isolation mechanism. There are inrush currents from all the mechanical equipment. This is not the place for a traditional computer UPS system.

Why a Transformer-based UPS System?

Back in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s, most UPS systems all had transformers. One of today’s 3kVA UPS systems that sits next to your computer in your office would be 6’ wide and the size of a chest freezer. The componentry was larger, transformers were used on the input and output side of the UPS system.

The output of the UPS was controlled by transformer power. When the industry started converting to higher technology inverter systems. More recently the IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistorized Inverter), things changed. Footprints got much smaller; energy efficiency went up. The weight of the system became much less.

Where do I Use a Transformer Based UPS System?

Enter a harsh environment such as a manufacturing plant, a plastic extruder, or 3d Printing facility. The loads are dynamic. There are inrush currents from all the mechanical equipment. This is not the place for a traditional computer UPS system. A transformer-based ups system provides an isolation mechanism for the incoming power against the inductive, or high tax loads on the output of the UPS.

Transformer Based UPS Systems for Industrial Applications

A traditional UPS system that originally was design for data centers will perform well to support those computer processes intricate to the manufacturing process. It will not do a good job supporting the mechanical and physical process type loads, or high inrush loads such as cooling systems. There will be a combination of systems to properly support all the loads deemed critical in the facility.

Today’s Industrial UPS System

Today’s industrial ups looks much like the older transformer-based ups system of the 1980’s and 1990’s. However more modern componentry, inverter systems, as well as the transformer provide for a robust system. These products can withstand he dynamic load environments such as a manufacturing process facility. They can backup runtime via flywheel systems, ultra-capacitors, and a variety of battery systems.

Which Transformer-based UPS do I choose?

Ferrrups Ferroresonant UPS System 500VA-18kVA

One of the first widely used transformer-based UPS systems was the Ferrups Ferroresonant UPS system by Best Power. This UPS System is still being made and used today. Eaton now owns the Ferroresonant line of Ferrups UPS Systems. It is now called the FX Series Ferrups UPS. It is built from 500VA to 18kVA. It is widely used on manufacturing environments. It can withstand hot environments. It is a bulletproof protector of loads in harsh environments.

3-Phase Large Transformer-based UPS Systems 100kVA – 3000kVA

Your Power Quality Specialist at Industrial Clean Power can provide you a quote for a Transformer based UPS System. For inquiries on Transformer-based UPS systems contact Industrial Clean Power today for a consultation on how we can help you protect your equipment and business from damaging voltage fluctuations.

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When you install equipment that will correct power and hold voltage within your facility, you will be providing your facility with protection against all outside influences of power. Halting wear and tear on other equipment in the facility by having stable voltage and power factor is the goal. The long term positives are lowered operations and maintenance costs by limiting voltage and amperage anomalies inside the facility. It is common to vet these issues by installing a monitoring device at the service entrance of the facility utility power. This is a low-cost method to really understand these issues and to make a proper diagnosis.

We are available to review electrical one-lines, Power Reports, Demand Usage, and any other data on your facility power.

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