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Voltage Regulation Solutions. Delivered.

Many utility customers experience both voltage sags and also occasional short term loss of power. These momentary outages or short term loss of power may occur if utility reclosers operate in order to try to isolate faults on the line and to protect the balance of the utility network. Such recloser events are more frequent during stormy weather when high winds may cause tree branches to touch power lines but can also occur if birds or animals stray too close to transformer terminals or bridge across power lines.

(AVC) Active Voltage Correction

AVC Systems provide fast, accurate voltage sag correction plus continuous voltage regulation and load voltage compensation. The AVC is a flexible device that protects sensitive industrial and commercial loads from voltage disturbances. Systems available for short term sag correction or extended run-time options combined with voltage regulation. Battery, Super-capacitors, Fly-wheel and Pure Lead Storage options available.

Industrial UPS Systems

Robust Industrial UPS solutions for harsh environments. High tolerance for industrial settings. One step above voltage correction, provides IGBT inverter sine wave performance in an industrial package. Short and long term battery storage options.

(AVR) Active Voltage Regulation

When a steady, reliable voltage is needed, then the voltage regulator is the preferred device. It generates a fixed output voltage that remains constant for any changes in an input voltage or load conditions. It acts as a buffer for protecting components from damages.

Runtime Solutions

Short and long term power disruptions are a major contributor to process and production loss for industry. Sensitive electronic circuits can be permanently damaged, electrical and mechanical systems are affected and the overall costs of these events can be significant. Not to mention the downtime effects of a long term power event.

90% of power related problems for industry are sag related, not outages.

Why not a Traditional Data Center UPS?

Not all UPS Systems are created equal. Many customers seek out a traditional data center built UPS to quickly solve a problem in their plant or process facility. Not a good idea. Many expensive capital projects have had to be reversed and replaced for this issue. In general, not all consumers are informed nor are the re-sellers of the product. An Industrial UPS System is much more expensive and careful thought must go into the sizing of run-time storage and what form to avoid large Cap Ex and Op Ex costs in the future.

The traditional IGBT or transformer-based UPS used in a data center application is used to support loads that are constant and have little effect on the output sine wave of the UPS. It is not built for those loads disrupting the output sine wave of the UPS. In a typical industrial environment, those typical UPS units will bounce in and out of static bypass because it feels things are out of tolerance. This constant “banging” into the bypass circuity will eventually cause it to fail. The whole time this is happening, the load is at risk should the power fail because the unit is not on inverter and connected to the batteries. It is also bouncing on and off of inverter, therefore there isn’t power sterilization happening. So the very reason you installed the UPS to isolate the power and be ready for battery, it is not.

Your drives, boards and controls are constantly bombarded with voltage and amperage sags and surges. We know the inverse relationship between voltage (volts) and current (amps) is constantly offsetting and damaging to them.

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Sizing Solutions – Cost / Benefit Analysis – Executing Solution

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