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What are they?

There is a difference between a power outage and a power sag.

Although the flicker of lights or temporary power interruption may seem like an outage. Many times a sag can dip to a level that appears to be an outage. This is a major difference in how to correct these problems.

See Current Power Outages in the U.S at Power Outage Tracker

90% of Industry power problems are due to sags either internally derived or externally created.

You do not need a transformer to blow up to create a sag. Taxing loads on the utility grids in the summer can create rolling sags or brownouts. These sags on the voltage will dip so far that lights will flicker or flash out. These dips in voltage have a direct offsetting effect on amperage which is a spike of amperage to all of your facility. For these reasons all industries should install some form of voltage regulation or protection. Power is not perfect and rarely holds at nominal voltage. Therefore, there is a constant change in voltage which means a constant change in amperage. This constant change is always working at the power supplies of all equipment. With much process control equipment (PLC’s) now in the assembly and production process. It is imperative to extend the life of this expensive equipment through simple voltage regulation/correction.

Direct Benefits to Active Voltage Correction for Short and long term Sags:

  • Reduce DOWNTIME
  • Reduce/ Eliminate voltage/amperage fluctuation events wearing all computer components
  • Reduce/ Eliminate voltage/amperage fluctuation events wearing all drives, PLC’s, and control equipment.
  • Lower Maintenance and replacement parts cost
  • Constant Voltage Environment for all facility equipment
  • Ability to monitor and understand load dynamics and incoming power

Have an ICP site survey done to survey your facility and install a power metering device.

When you install equipment that will correct power and hold voltage within your facility, you will be providing your facility with protection against all outside influences of power. Halting wear and tear on other equipment in the facility by having stable voltage and power factor is the goal. The long term positives are lowered operations and maintenance costs by limiting voltage and amperage anomalies inside the facility. It is common to vet these issues by installing a monitoring device at the service entrance of the facility utility power. This is a low-cost method to really understand these issues and to make a proper diagnosis.

We are available to review electrical one-lines, Power Reports, Demand Usage, and any other data on your facility power.

Call your ICP Technical Representative today to discuss options to increase efficiency in your facility and correct our facility power issues!

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Contact an ICP consultant today to discuss power correction options for your facility. Leasing options available that match cost of owning one to one with cost/efficiency savings.
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