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We can solve for incoming utility power sags or interruptions, small cycle interruptions of process controls, extended power interruption, and manufacturing power quality issues derived from inside the plant.


Today’s manufacturing plants and industrial facilities use variable frequency drives (VFD), robotics, high inrush motors, and high demand machinery which create a harsh electrical environment

Robotics, wastewater treatment, automated manufacturing, fabrication/machining, etc. require electrical power solutions that regulate the power, correct sag events, and eliminate disruptions.

3D Printing Facilities

3D printing facilities need to maintain job processes over long periods of time. These jobs must be start to finish mechanical printing without power interruption or sag. For these reasons a voltage correction device or Industrial UPS system is set up to support these systems. Call your ICP representative today for a consultation on this requirement. ICP Contact Form.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas markets make up one of the harshest electrical environments in the world today. Refineries, Well support systems, research and exploration, and pipeline distribution different critical parts of the supply chain which cannot be compromised. Cybersecurity threats to the oil and gas supply chain require uninterruptible power systems (UPS) on the process control systems. Physical pipeline shutdowns are a threat just as much as the control and computer processes that support them.


Mining systems require a system which can control stray voltage swings on the controls systems that support material transfer processes. Interruptions in mining due to voltage sags can greatly affect a mining operation. Conveyors, controls, and processes must control voltage to operate consistent.

Commercial / Retail

Ever been in a retail store where the checkout counters are down? The whole store is down. Point of Sale systems all the way back to the store emergency lighting affect the total operation of retail environments. UPS Systems are a requirement for point of sale checkout areas. A UPS battery grid within the store may be set up with one large UPS system to distribute to critical loads. This combined with a standby generator can avoid long extended outages during storms or other events.


Medical-grade power requirements are often overlooked to data electrical power correction. Medical imaging, MRI, CAT, and supported computer processes must be considered critical.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Industry has consistent requirements for a lighting inverter or UL 924 approved UPS System that will provide 90 minutes of runtime in loss of power situations. New apartment and commercial buildings all have a life safety component. Schools, theatres, hospitals, parking structures. This requirement stretches across many infrastructure projects.

90 minute inverters or UL 924 approved UPS systems must adhere to UL 924 “Emergency Lighting Equipment,” and NFPA 101 compliant.

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Sizing Solutions – Cost / Benefit Analysis – Executing Solution

Contact an ICP consultant today to discuss power correction options for your facility. Leasing options available that match cost of owning one to one with cost/efficiency savings.
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