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Avoid Downtime in Methane Digesters for Dairy Operations

5 Minute read

The onset of “LCFS” Low Carbon Fuel Credits spiked demand for power created from the Dairy Industry in the form of Methane Digester Systems as a Distributed Energy Resource, or DER. Low Carbon Energy Credits, which are derived by having a low carbon impact in the production of the power created, can be purchased by…

Why are Utilities Rejecting Solar Farm Power?  

4 Minute read
microgrid effects and opportunities for utilities

With current Government and Municipal Mandates, Solar Farm DER (Distributed Energy Resource), connect to a specific POI (Point of Interconnection), on the electrical grid. The POI connections change at different capacity outputs and voltages. Where the POI connection is, the level of Voltage at which it connects, and how far a distance all matter. As…

Why is Utility Power in Mexico So Bad?

5 Minute read

Many industries have moved manufacturing operations to Mexico for various reasons. Plastic Extrusion operations, steel making, wire manufacturing and general assembly plants. In today’s manufacturing environment with the complicated controls systems and robotics running many of the processes, an unstable voltage situation provides much disruption to continuous operation. Therefore, the power related problems with Mexico’s…

UPS Backup Systems for Plastic Extrusion Power Issues

4 Minute read

The plastics industry has a history of complicated manufacturing processes. The procedure to melt plastic stock, transfer it to a die, then hardens to form the product is a process that cannot really be paused or interrupted. This article discusses ways to correct power interruptions for plastic extrusion manufacturing processes. Power Issues Affecting the Plastic…

Nashville Power Outages due to Tornado Event

1 Minute read

See current power outages in the Nashville metro area via our Power Outage Tracker site linking to NES Nashville Electric Service. Power Outage Tracker on Industrial Clean Power Please see link below to connect to NES Power Outage Map Power Outage Tracker Links | Current U.S Power Grid Problems ( Contact Industrial Clean Power ICP…

Backup Power Requirements for Bitcoin Mining Industry

5 Minute read

When considering the electrical requirements for a bitcoin mining operation you must weigh several factors to install an efficient delivery of power. Also considering the risks of power failures, sags and interruptions to choose the correct technologies for your bitcoin mining farm. By implementing an effective electrical power strategy can determine the success of your…

Rolling Utility Brownouts and the Northeast Heat Dome

2 Minute read
Be prepared to handle the top 4 power grid problems

With the Heat Index reaching record levels in the Northeast part of the country. Rolling brownouts due to continuous tax on the utility grid are a continuous risk to industry. A rolling brownout is a drop or sag in voltage along the grid distribution. Typically, due to the increased demand on the system.  Rolling brownouts…

How do I Size a UPS for a 3D Printer?

3 Minute read

The industry of 3d printing has become increasingly integrated into our society’s products and services. As voltage problems exist in our electrical distribution systems, 3d printing facilities face issues with power outages, downtime, shutdowns, repair, and re-starts. Here we discuss the options available to defend against downtime with 3d printers due to electrical power outages,…

What is a Rolling Brownout?

2 Minute read

A rolling brownout is a continual sag in voltage in the utility grid distribution. Rolling brownouts are cascading drains on the utility infrastructure that do not allow the supply side of the utility power to catch up and maintain a constant nominal voltage. The result is a continual reduction of voltage power, or sag condition.…

What is a Voltage Regulator?

4 Minute read

A Voltage regulator is a component that that provides a consistent voltage output, set to a voltage nominal position to hold. A voltage regulator can provide a stabilization of voltage that is preset, and can hold that voltage to avoid certain swings and disruptions to the components it is supporting. Where are Voltage Regulators Used?…

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