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3D Printer UPS System: Do I Need one?

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The industry of 3d printing is becoming more and more integrated into our society infrastructure. As voltage problems exist in our electrical distribution systems, you will need to deal with downtime, shutdowns, repair, and re-starts. Here we discuss the options available to defend against downtime with 3d printers due to electrical power outages, sages, or surges.

Can I use a UPS System for 3D Printing?

The answer is a little complicated. 3D printers have cooling mechanisms or chillers attached. They also have blowers, and sometimes heating elements. You cannot always support a 3D printer with a traditional UPS System. It will quickly overload the unit. You can, however, oversize a UPS System for the inrush current. You will need a proper sizing calculation for this design. You can make a mistake by sizing the UPS system to the running load amps. Then when it comes time for the UPS system to operate, it may fail due to the inrush current provided by the different systems on the 3D printer. Contact your Industrial Clean Power consultant to discuss properly sizing a UPS system to your 3D printing facility.    

What is Inrush Current when sizing a UPS System?

Inrush is the step up in current or demand of a load that happens when equipment cycles on. Many mechanical loads, chillers, and cooling systems have inrush currents many times that of their actual running load. Therefore a mismatch can occur when sizing a UPS System for complicated system such as 3D Printers. The magnitude of the inrush must be calculated for properly sizing a UPS System. The folks at Industrial Clean Power can assist with this calculation.

Common Power Related Causes of 3D Printer Downtime

Voltage: Voltage swings, power sags, and surges can affect the operation of your 3d printing facility. Any voltage fluctuations outside the normal acceptable window can cause disruptions in work in process. These can be fixed with a properly sized UPS System or Voltage Regulation device.

Power Outage: Complete power outages are obvious threats. Having a UPS System with a backup power runtime allows for seamless operation. If you have a generator installed this will provide a transition to emergency back up generator power and potentially unlimited uptime.

3D Printer Voltage Requirements: Many 3D printers operate from different voltage than the facility general power. Many times, a transformer is required to convert the power to the required voltage a 3d printer needs. Many of today’s 3d printers are manufactured overseas where voltage is different than in the U.S. This makes for some complicated electrical distribution scenarios, step-down transformers, more heat generating activities, and complicated to properly size a UPS or voltage correction system.

Industrial Clean Power

Your power quality consultants at ICP are ready to assist in your sizing of a UPS or Voltage Correction system to provide maximum runtime of your 3d Printing facility. Please call us at (855) 240-6776, or visit us at

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Contact an ICP consultant today to discuss power correction options for your facility. Leasing options available that match cost of owning one to one with cost/efficiency savings.
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