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What is a Rolling Brownout?

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A rolling brownout is a continual sag in voltage in the utility grid distribution. Rolling brownouts are cascading drains on the utility infrastructure that do not allow the supply side of the utility power to catch up and maintain a constant nominal voltage. The result is a continual reduction of voltage power, or sag condition.

What Causes a Rolling Brownout?

  1. Hot Weather: A continuous period of hot weather can contribute to a rolling brownout scenario. Various utilities distributing power are not able to maintain the power usage demand asked of them. A rolling brownout can affect areas far from the location of the over-demand.
  2. Utility Source Failures: A rare but potentially disruptive scenario is when a utility power distribution center is taken out of the distribution system. Either by facility or distribution failure.
  3. Infrastructure Failure: A failure to the electrical infrastructure that provides the distribution can easily cause a rolling brownout, or even a blackout. Station failures, fires, terrorism, or cyber-security threats can initiate a reduction in supply on the system cascading to a brownout scenario.

Can a Rolling Brownout be Avoided?

Avoiding a brownout scenario in the future is not possible as we are all at the mercy of the utility distribution grid. Customers can install voltage correction equipment that will provide support for a rolling brownout event. Emergency Generators, Uninterruptible Power Systems with batteries, and Active Voltage Regulators can be used to combat voltage issues in a facility.

Rolling Brownouts and the Future of Power Distribution

As metropolitan areas keep expanding there is a continuous additional tax on America’s electrical grid system. Industry that is continuously improving its efficiency in processes and pollutants, still needs much electricity to exist. Commitments to clean energy programs, solar, wind, geo and other clean power producing processes will assist in overcoming the source demand that is placed on the electrical utilities today.

For information on power outages check the U.S National Grid Power Outage Tracker Map.

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