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What is a Voltage Regulator?

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A Voltage regulator is a component that that provides a consistent voltage output, set to a voltage nominal position to hold. A voltage regulator can provide a stabilization of voltage that is preset, and can hold that voltage to avoid certain swings and disruptions to the components it is supporting.

Where are Voltage Regulators Used?

Voltage regulators can be found in power supplies for all kinds of personal use object. Computers use a voltage regulator on board to maintain a proper consistent voltage to computer components to avoid damage. Because in most computers the voltage is converted to DC (Direct Current) for use by the processors and internal components. The voltage regulator will maintain that voltage and stabilize it against fluctuations. Again, a variation in the voltage or a fluctuation will damage componentry.

What Does a Voltage Regulator Do?

It has to do with the inverse effect of voltage and amperage. While voltage is steady say 120v at 2 amps. The equipment will constantly draw the 2 amps needed to operate. If the voltage were to drop say by 10%, the equipment would seek to compensate by pulling an inverse amount more amperage. Should there be a 50% sag in voltage, the inverse effect of the amperage is quite extreme. Therefore, the spike in amperage which can burn out equipment components. In the case tripping a breaker in an electrical distribution panel, the breaker received a amperage load that exceeds its rating. Hence why breakers trip due to a spike in amperage when there is a power outage, sag, or brownout.

What Size are Voltage Regulators?

As in the above example they can be quite small to fit inside of a laptop computer. Others are quite large. Voltage regulators are used inside large power generation facilities to control the output of the power. A voltage regulation system may be installed into power generating dam system to regulate the output voltage of the large aqua power producing systems. Many manufacturing and plant facilities will install (AVR) or Active Voltage Regulation Systems on the front end of the facilities or specific equipment that will provide a consistent voltage into its important processes.

What types of Companies use Voltage Regulation?

Robotics, plastic extrusion, 3d printing, CNC machines, all have critical processes that cannot be disrupted. Almost all plant facilities use (VFD) or variable frequency drives to control some sort of process or mechanical system. Stray voltage, sags, or surges all affect the operations of these systems. Voltage sags over time will wear on the components and cause failures.

What are the Dangers of not using Voltage Regulators?

Large enough swings in voltage will knock processes offline. 3D printing processes and form processes such as plastic extrusion require a consistent voltage input to properly complete the task. A voltage event can knock these systems offline and cause considerable downtime and reset. It is difficult for a facility to stop mid process and reset the production line. Many times, the raw materials need to be thrown away and start over as the process has been disrupted.

Choosing the Correct Voltage Regulator with Industrial Clean Power

Voltage and current are constantly changing in distribution systems, wreaking havoc on your drives, boards, and controls. At Industrial Clean Power, we want to help you correct and hold voltage to avoid deviations that slowly wear out control and process equipment. If you require professional assistance to protect your facility’s devices, ask our team about our Active Voltage Regulation (AVR) technologies and our other voltage stability solutions.

We are also able to provide you with product solutions, metering, and site visits to any customer site in the contiguous U.S. We are focused on providing quality solutions specific to industrial customers, such as transportation, plastics, process industry, and others dealing with harsh electrical environments.

We encourage you to contact us online today or give us a call at (844) 501-1887. In either case, we look forward to helping you find the best clean power solution for your industrial needs.

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